AHP-012 Duration Full day

Sodere hot springs

Pick up from the hotel is at 7.30, and we then set off on the southeast, turning east at Mojo. We turn off the main road before Nazareth for the hot springs resort of Sodere, which lies along the Awash River and about 121 km from the capital.

AHP-011 Duration Full day

Senbete (Sunday) Market

This trip can only be done on a Sunday, the day the market takes place. Pick up from the hotel is earlier than usual at 6.30 am, since it is about 275 km to Senbete or about 4 hours drive.

AHP-010 Duration Full day

Ambo & Wonchi Crater Lake

We set off at 7.00, Ambo, sometimes called Hager-Hiwot meaning ”land of life” is located 120 km to the west of the capital. We will stop for some refreshment in the town of Ambo, from where Ethiopia’s most famous mineral water is drawn,

AHP-009 Duration Full day

Menagesha Forest & Addis Alem

After a picnic lunch in the forest, we will return to Addis Ababa by the Ambo road, stopping off at the small town of Addis Alem. Emperor Menelik II thought of transferring his capital faced with a chronic wood shortage. In the Imperial compound at Addis Alem,

AHP-008 Duration Full day

Melka Konture, Adadi Mariam &Tiya

Pick up is at 7.30 am, and we then head southwest. Melka Konture is about 30 kilometers from the capital. It lies near the Awash River Gorge and is one of the most important Neolithic sites in Ethiopia.

AHP-007 Duration Full day

Debre Berhan, Ankober

We set off at 7.00 am, heading north on the Asmara Road. Our first stop will be Debre Berhan, 130 km from Addis Ababa. It is a place of interest for its old and medieval history. Its monastery is believed to have been built 7,000 years ago and is still giving services.

AT-006 Duration Full day

Debre Libanos & the Blue Nile Gorge

If you think Grand Canyon is impressive, try paying a visit to its Africa cousin – Blue Nile Gorge. Situated 210km north of Addis Ababa and with about one mile width and depth,

AT-005 Duration Full day

Mount Zequala

Drive to south of Addis Ababa towards Debre Ziet town road (locally called as Bushoftu)which is about 38 kms from Addis Ababa away and then turn to the right direction to get the road to Zuqaulla Mountain.

AT-004 Duration Full day

Debre, Libanos & Jemma River Gorge

Debre Libanos is about 110 km from Addis Ababa or approximately one and half drive. It’s an important monastic center for Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity. Today it’s famous for its miraculous spring.