Short Tours

Many of our tours begin with a day tour of Addis Ababa. This is to give our visitors some time to recover from their international flights and to present them with an introduction to Ethiopia.  For visitors already in Addis or who prefer not to take the city tour, please notify us prior to registering and we will make appropriate adjustments.

For those who are busy and if you don’t have enough time for long trips there are a lots to be seen in and surrounding of Addis Ababa

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Tour High light

Churches: Trinity Cathedral, Saint Merry church( MenelikII was crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia in 1889), 13c monastery of Debre Libanose, Washa Michael, the nearest rock church from the capital-Adadi Mariam church

Museums: National Museum- exhibits ranging from the 3.5 million-year-old bones of Lucy, Ethnographic museum-reflect the history and culture of the country

Monuemts: Different monuments erect in the capital to depict the past history of the country

Market: Merkato-the largest open air market in east Africa and Senbet (Sunday) market-brings different ethnic groups in north part

Mountain: Mount Entoto - the highest pic in Addis and panoramic view of the capital, Mount Zequala

Stele Field: Tiya stele field-grave mark and classified by UNSCO as world Heritage

Archeological Sites: the famous archeological sites of Melka Konture

Rift valley Lakes: the best accesses for aquatic birds lake zeway , Langano, Abiyata-shala national park, Lake Awassa and creators lake in Debre Ziet areas and Wenchi mountain

When to Visit: It’s easily accessible all year.