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Traveling to Ethiopia is an enriching experience whereby you will encounter an unforgettable land rich in history and culture. We do have widest choices of long Tour packages throughout Ethiopia.

Note: All the listed tour packages below can be shortened, extended, combined or customized in the way to suit our respected clients.

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Northern Ethiopia: contains some of the most interesting historical sites which is considered as UNSCO world heritage like: Stele field of Axum, 17c castles in Gonder, roch-hewn churches of Lalibela and the simian mountains. Island monastery and churches on Lake Tana, the Blue Nile falls and Tigray rock churches are also place of interest for visitors.

Sothern Ethiopia: gives a visitor a unique experience different from the Northern part.Lower Omo valley, there are a vast number of ethnic groups unique in Africa, rift valley Lakes and most important National parks include Bale Mountain national park, Netch sar National Park, Mago National park and Omo National park.

Eastern Ethiopia: one of the lowest, driest and hottest place on earth with more than 30 active and dormant volcano- Erta Ale and Danakel Depression, the walled city of Harer and national parks like Awash national park and Yangudi rassa national park.

Western Ethiopia: This part of Ethiopia is very rich in natural beauty such as green rolling hills with dense forests teeming with wild animals and birds, the Omo river Canyon, waterfalls, coffee and tea plantations and fertile soil where fruits, crops and vegetables abundantly grow. West Ethiopia is also inhabited by the Oromo, Majangor, Nuer and Anuak people and different smaller tribes