Festivals and Events

The Ethiopian people express themselves in rituals ceremonies and festivals. Church ceremonies are a major feature of Ethiopian life. The events are impressive and unique. Religion has an important role in the Ethiopian society, festivals and ceremonies provide many high points in the calendar; only the Ethiopian Orthodox church celebrates not less than 150 major and minor festivities per year. Religious pilgrimages in Ethiopia constitute an essentially unrecorded mass movement of domestic tourists that attract the attentions of most visitors from abroad. In addition to the festivals of the different ethnic groups, we do have national festivals. Muslim holidays are based on the lunar calendar and thus fall at different times each year. The ninth month of the Muslim calendar is devoted to Ramadan, which is marked by fasting.


Long Trips

Traveling to Ethiopia is an enriching experience whereby you will encounter an unforgettable land rich in history and culture. We do have widest choices of long Tour packages throughout Ethiopia.

Note: All the listed tour packages below can be shortened, extended, combined or customized in the way to suit our respected clients.


Short Tours

Many of our tours begin with a day tour of Addis Ababa. This is to give our visitors some time to recover from their international flights and to present them with an introduction to Ethiopia.  For visitors already in Addis or who prefer not to take the city tour, please notify us prior to registering and we will make appropriate adjustments.

For those who are busy and if you don’t have enough time for long trips there are a lots to be seen in and surrounding of Addis Ababa