bete giorgisLalibela is located to north 700km to north of the capital. The town setting is glorious. Perched at an altitude of 2,630m, has wild craggy mountains and vast rocky escarpment. The house of Lalibela are o a design unlike anywhere else in Ethiopia, two-storey circular stone constructs that huddle in an amorphous mass over the step slopes on which the town is built

Monastery and churches outside of Lalibela

yemrehane 1The mountains around Lalibela are studded with medieval monasteries and churches, many of which are very different to their Lalibela counterparts. Nakuta La’ab is traditionally very popular with back backers, since it can be reached on foot without a guide, while the mule ride to Asheton Maryam and Yemerhan Kerstose are also forms a straitforward day trip out of Lalibela

Sightseeing-Churches in Lalibela

bete giorgis2"The ultimate in rock-church design.... One is amazed at the technical skill, the material resources and the continuity of effort which such vast undertakings imply". "I swear by God, in whose power I am, that all that is written is the truth, and there is much more than I have already written, and I have left it that they may not tax me with its being falsehood." This is the conclusion made by the first European to visit Lalibela -Francisco Alvarez