Gondar, the 17th century capital of Ethiopia ,is a historic town located 748 kms to the north of the capital. Founded by Emperor Fasilidas around 1635, become Fasilidas principal headquarters, grew into an important town, and remained Ethiopia’s capital, and most popular city, for over two centuries. The city retained its pre-eminence until the middle of the nineteenth century, when Emperor Tewodros II moved his seat of Government to Debre Tabor and later to Mekdela. As a result, Gondar declined greatly in importance and was subsequently looted in the 1880s by the Sudanese Dervishes. By the early nineteenth century the city was a mere shadow of its former self. More recently, its appearance was not aided by the fact that several historic buildings were damaged by British bombs during Ethiopia's liberation campaign of 1941. Most of Gondar's famous castles and other imperial buildings nevertheless survived the ravages of time: and together constitute one of Ethiopia's most fascinating antiquities

Sightseeing in Gonder

gdq1Gonder’s most important tourist attraction is the Fasil Ghebbi or Royal Enclosure, a walled compound of 17th century castles and buildings lying in the city center at the southern end of the Piassa. Similar in vintage and architectural style is Fasilidas’s pool, a couple of kilometers from the city center. Of several old churches dotted around Gonder, the most beautiful is the lavishly decorated Debre Berhan Selassie, 1 km from the city center and regarded by some experts to contain the finest art of its period anywhere in Ethiopia.

Surrounding of Gondar

gdq2Within a few killometrs from Gonder there are a lots to be seen and holds the attractions of Tourists. Well worth a visit is Kuskuam Mariam, set on a hill 5km from the city center: the church itself is modern and undistinguishable, but the adjoining residence of the Empress Mentewab is both architecturally interesting and atmospheric, as well as offering a great view over the city center. Within 145km from Bahir Dar to Gonder road is the Palace of Guzara which is architural resemblance to the Gonder castel. The Fellasha and Aweraba villages are also other attraction site surrounding Gonder.

 The Simien Mountains

 simienThe Simien Mountain massif is a broad plateau, cut off to the north and west by an enormous single crag over 60 kilometers long. To the south, the tableland slopes gently down to 2,200 meters, divided by gorges 1,000 meters deep that can take more than two days to cross. Not enough geological time has elapsed to smooth the contours of the crags and buttresses of hardened basalt.