Northern Ethiopia


The area to the north of Ethiopia, popularly known as the Northern Historic Route, contains some of the most interesting historical sites. Axum is the birthplace of Ethiopian civilization. Hidden like Jewels in the arid Tigrian Mountains are the Tigray Roch-Hewn Churches.

The Erta Ale shield volcano lies along the Danakil rift valley of northern Ethiopia. Its summit caldera contains an active lava lake that was first discovered in 1967 and has since been in constant eruption.

Gonder is the place of Ethiopian renaissance and 16th –Century castles. Lalibela has the famous Rock-hewn churches that may be considered among the eighth world wonder. Lake Tana ,at Bahir Dar ,is home to a group of remote Island monasteries.
North Ethiopia is also exceptional for its Landscape. At the highest point sits Ras Dashen(4540 m) –the fourth highest mountain in Africa forming part of the spectacular Semien Mountains-heaven for trekkers and horse riders. At the lowest point lies the Denakil depression, 100 meters below sea level and one of the lowest and hottest places on earth.